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From a handful of committed insurers at its formation, the Federation quickly grew into a robust insurance trade association that currently boasts 25 insurance company members and 4 national trade associations as associate members.

Federation members represent a diverse array of the property casualty insurance industry. Size wise, our companies range from small single state to mid-size regional insurers to large carriers with a global footprint—and everything in-between.  Several members focus exclusively on a single line of insurance (e.g., workers compensation or medical malpractice) while others offer virtually every type of personal and commercial property and casualty coverage. 


Nearly one-third of the membership consists of Massachusetts based (domestic) companies. 


Federation member companies write:

64 % of the workers' compensation insurance market

60% of the homeowners insurance market 

77% of the medical malpractice insurance market

80% of the private passenger auto insurance market

Over $7.5 billion of the $11.9 billion property and casualty market in Massachusetts--- more than 60% of the entire sector

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